SCK200 series general-purpose vector inverter

The SCK200 series of general-purpose vector inverters is a reliable and cost-effective choice for a range of industrial applications. With their advanced vector control algorithms, high starting torque at low frequencies and a range of programmable input and output terminals, these inverters offer excellent performance and versatility.

Inverter in the environment where the product is used

SCK200 series inverters are especially effective in high-performance fields such as printing, textile, and packaging machinery. They also do a good job with water supply and fans. With a wide power output range from single-phase 0.4kw to three-phase 400kW, and an output frequency range of 0~400Hz, these inverters provide excellent control and precision in various usage environments.

Precautions for Inverter Use

When operating SCK200 series inverters, you must ensure that proper precautions are taken. First make sure that the inverter is operating within the specified operable range, and check whether the power supply of the inverter meets the requirements. Second, check the system ground and make sure it is connected properly. Finally, check electrical and electronic components frequently to ensure safe operation and watch for any signs of possible overheating, corrosion, or other potential problems.

Other features of the inverter

SCK200 series inverters are packed with features to ensure optimum performance. For example, the built-in automatic torque compensation function and offset compensation function provide precise control and maintain stable performance even when the load or input voltage varies. Additionally, a common DC bus enables multiple inverters to operate together with minimal losses. And by supporting multiple frequency setting methods, the inverter can be controlled in a way that best suits individual application requirements.

In summary

Overall, the SCK200 series general-purpose vector inverters are an excellent choice for a variety of industrial applications. With their wide power range, advanced vector control algorithms and a range of programmable input and output terminals, they offer outstanding performance and versatility. While proper precautions should be taken when using an inverter, careful maintenance and monitoring will ensure safe and efficient operation.


Post time: May-29-2023