The same piece of iron can be sawed and melted

The same piece of iron can be sawed and melted, or it can be smelted into steel; the same team can be mediocre, or it can achieve great things. In order to improve the teamwork ability of new employees and increase mutual feelings, from February 26th to 27th, 2022, our company organized employees to go to Yueqing Dabing Outdoor Development Base to participate in outdoor development training. Outward Bound training is a set of continuous value-added training process that builds team vitality and promotes organizational growth. It is a set of outdoor experiential simulation training specially designed to meet the needs of modern team building.
After the class started, through cheerful activities such as fruit squatting, the barriers between people were broken, the foundation of mutual trust was established, and a team atmosphere was created. According to the guidance of the coach, the participants were divided into two groups to carry out activities such as naming the team, singing the team song, making the team flag, and researching the team shape.

Afterwards, we completed team projects such as high-altitude v-walking, high-altitude breaking bridges, and encouraging people in the form of team confrontation. Among them, high-altitude v-walking made everyone realize the importance of fully trusting each other, and the process and perception of verbal communication, body language communication and spirituality. ;When the bridge is broken at high altitude, each member must be bold and careful, dare to challenge, encourage each other, and overcome fear; encourage people to understand the importance of good communication to teamwork, the realization of team goals requires everyone to play a role, and individual success must be established On the basis of the joint efforts and mutual support of other members of the team;

Through the training of the above items, each group has seen the strengths and weaknesses of the group, and also felt the importance of cooperation and communication, which has laid a good foundation for future work.
The strength of the two groups is comparable, and each has its own merits, but we are not comparing the level, but in the process, what have you gained, what have you learned, and what have you thought about your previous work methods and behavior patterns? What kind of impact does the distortion of upload and download have on execution. After lunch, everyone consciously gathered together for a lively discussion.

Post time: Jul-02-2022