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ln V/Fcontrol mode ,accurate current limited control function makes sure of no over-curmernt fault occurred no matter the drives are running at acceleration/deceleration, or motor locked status, well protecting the drves. Invertor control mode, a curate torque limited control pledges powerful or moderate torque complying with application requirements , protecting machinery well
In V/F separated control mode,output frequency and output voltage can be set respectively fit for applications,such as variable frequency power sources , torque motors , etc.

Control mode Starting torque Speed range Speed accuracy Torque response
V/F control 0.5Hz 180% 1:100 ±0.5%
Speed-sensorless control 1 0.5Hz 180% 1:100 ±0.2% <10ms
Speed-sensorless control 2 0.25Hz180% 1:200 ±0.2% <10ms
Speed-sensor control OHz 200% 1:1000 ±0.02% <5ms

Model explanation of SCK280


Model and technical parameters of SCK280

Three-phase power supply 1140V50/60Hz
Model Power capacity lnput current Output current Applicable motor
SCK280-GOK75/P 1K50 1.5 3.4 2.1 0.75kW1.5kW
SCK280-G1K50/P 2K20 3.0 5.0 3.8 1.5kW12.2kW
SCK280-G2K20/P 3K00 4.0 5.8 5.1 2.2kW/3.0kW
SCK280-G4K00/P 5K50 5.9 10.5 9.0 4.0kW5.5kW
SCK280-G5K50/P 7K50 8.9 14.6 13.0 5.5kW7.5kW
SCK280-G7K50/P11K0 11.0 20.5 17.0 7.5kW11kW
SCK280-G11K0/P 15K0 17.0 26.0 25.0 11kkW15kW
SCK280-G15K0/P18K5 21.0 35.0 32.0 15kW118.5kW
SCK280-G18K5/P 22K0 24.0 38.5 37.0 18.5kW/22kW
SCK280-G 22K0/P30K0 30.0 45.5 45 22kW/30kW
SCK280-G30K0/P 37K0 40.0 62.0 60.0 30kW37kW
SCK280-G 37K0/P 45K0 57.0 76.0 75.0 37kW145kW

Model and technical specification of SCK280

Power input

Rated input voltage Rated input current Frequency Allowable voltage range
See the table "Model and
technical paramelers
of SCK280 series'
Voltage consecutive fluctuation ±10%,short
fluctuation-15%~10 %ie.323V~528V
voltage out-of-balance rate:<3%,The meets the
standards of IEC61800-2

Power output

Applicable motor Rated current Oulput vollage Output frequency Over load capability
See the table "Mlodcl and
technical parameters
of SCK280serias
See the table"Model
and technical
paramelers of ScK280
3-phase; 0~ rated input
voltage,errorless than
Resolution 0.01Hz
150% 1min; 180%10s; 200%0.5s,
once per 10min.

Control characteristics

Contol pattern V/F control Speed-sensor less control1 Sped-sensor less control2 Spod-sensor controlposition contraol
Starting torque 0.5Hz 180% 0.5Hz 180% 0.25H 180% 0Hz 200%
Speed range 1:100 1:100 1:200 1:100
Speed accuracy ±0.5% ±0.2% ±0.2% ±0.02 %
Speed ripple - ±0.3% ±0.3% ±0.1%
Torque control No No Yes yes
Torque accuracy - - ±7.5% ±5%
Torque response - <10ms <10ms <.5rms
Positioning accuracy - - - ±1 pulse

Basic functions

Start frequency 0.0OHz~600.00Hz
Accel/Decel timo 0.00s-60000s
Carrier fequency 0.5KHz~16KHz
Frequency command modes Digital setting +Keypad Up/Down; Digital setting+terminal Up/Down.Communication setting. Analog setting: AI1/AI2/AB.T erminal pulse setting.
Start methods Start from starting frequency.DCinjection braking at start
Stop methods Ramp to stop.Coast to stop.DC injection braking at rar
Dynamic brake capability Braking unit triggered voltage:650 ~ 750V. Service time:0.0~100.0s. Brake units of SCK280-4T75 and beloware optionally inbuilt.
DCbraking capability DC braking start frequency: 0.00~600.00Hz. DC braking current: constart torque 0.0~ 100%. DC braking time: 0.0~ 100s.
Input terminals Seven digital input terminal, one of them can be used for pulse input. support dry contact active PIP and IPNI input ;Three analog input terminals, one of them is voltage only, and the other two are voltage(current programmable.
Output terminals One high- speed pulse output(0~50kHZ square wave output and two analog outputs(voltage/current programmable)can output signals such as command frequency, output frequency, etc one digital output.One relay outputs.
Encode input terminal Support 5V/12V voltage grade. Support OC,push-pull, differential signal inputs and such.


Field Altitude Temperature Humidity Vibration Storage temperature
ln the air, free from direct
gas, oil mist,water vapor,
dripping orsalt,etc.
when above1000
4o℃~50℃ rated
output current de-
rates1% for every 1c.
no cond


Efficiency lnstallation Protection grade Cooling method
Rated power,7.5kW and below power class:≥93%;
11KW-45kW Power grade :≥95%;
55kW with _ power class :≥98%;
all-mounted type(500k and
belowyCabinet type(560kW and
IP20 Forced air cooling

Description of SCK280 control terminals function

Category Analog input
Terminal Terminal designation Specification
+10V Aralog input reference
Maximum output current: 25mA, and resistance of external potentiometer should be
larger than 400Ω
GND Analog ground lsolaled from COM interiorly
Al1 Analog input1
OmA-20mA: input impedance 500Ω, maximum input current 25mA.
0V~10v: input impedance 22kΩ,rnaxirmurm input voltage 12.5V.
0~20mA/0~10V programmable by switch S2.Factory default:0~10V
Al2 Analog input2 OmA~20mA: input impedance 500Ω,rmaxirmurm input current 25mA.
0V~10V: input impedance 22kΩ, maximum input voltage 12.5V.
switch S3 on control board for jumping between 0-20mA and 0-10V.
Factory dafault:0-10v.
Realize motor thermaldetection analog input by switch 54.


Category Analog input
Terminal Terminal dosignation Specification
Analog input1 0mA~20mA; impedance 200~500Ω ,0~ 10V; impedance≥10kΩ2.
0mA~ 20mA; input impedance 500Ω,maximum input current 25mA.
Switch S5 on control board for jumping between 0 ~ 20mA and 0~ 10V.Factory default:0~ 10V.
Analog input2 0mA~20mA;irmpedance 200~500Ω,0~10V; impedance≥10kΩ.
0mA~20mA;input impedance 500Ω2,maximum input current25mA.
Switch S5 on control board forjumping between0~20mAand 0~10V.Factory default ~10V.
Analog ground isolated from COM inleriorly

Description of SCK280 control terminals function

Category Terminal Terminal designation Specification
Digital output Y1 open collector output voltage range:0-24v current range:0~50mA
Y2/DO open collector outPulse out Open collector output: same as Y1 Pulse output:0-50KHz
Relay output TATB/TC Relay output TA-TB:NC;TA-TC:NO. Contact capacity: 250VAG3A,30VDC3A.


Category Analog input
Terminal Terminal designation Specification
+24V +24V 24v±10%,isolated from GFNIDinteriorly
Maximun load 200mA
OP Digital input cormmon terminal Switch betwecn high level and lowlevel.Short-circuited with ±24V at delivery,
low value of digitalinput valid, external power input.
COM +24V ground lsolated from GNIDinteriorly
D11~DI6 Digital input terminals1~=5 lnput:24VDC,5mA
Frequency range:0-200Hz
Voltage range:10-30v
DI7/DI Digital input/Pulse input Voltage range:10-30v
Digital input: same asDl1-DI6
Pulse input:0.1~50kHz; voltage range: 10-30v


Category Terminal 485 interface Keypad 485 interface
lerminal Terminal designation Specification
485+ Differential signal 485+ Rate: 4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200bps
Maximum distance: 500m(use standard network cable)
485- Differential signal 485-
GND 485 communication shicldcd ground isolated from COM intcriorly

SCK280 Wiring diagram of 380V single-phase inverter


Overall and installation dimension

Input power supply Model Dimension(mm) Mounting
SCK280-G0K75/P 1K50 65 153 166 131 83
SCK280-G1K50/P 2K20 65 153 166 131 83
SCK280-G2K20/P 3K00 65 153 166 131 83
SCK280-G4K00/P5K50 80 233 245 173 120
SCK280-G5K50/P 7K50 80 233 245 173 120
SCK280-G7K50/P11K0 80 233 245 173 120
SCK280-G11K0/P 15K0 125.5 267.5 281 185 145
SCK280-G15K0/P 18K5 187 305 320 205 203
SCK280-G18K5/P 22K0 187 305 320 205 203
SCK280-G22K0/P 30K0 187 305 320 205 203
SCK280-G30K0/P37K0 187 305 320 205 203
SCK280-G37K0/P 45K0 190 410 430 240 250

Note: the above dimensions are subject to change without prior notice.

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