SCKR1-6200 On-line intelligent motor soft starter

Short Description:

SCKR1-6200 soft starter has 6 starting modes, 12 protection functions and two vehicle modes.

Product Detail

Product Overview

SCKR1-6200 soft starter has 6 starting modes, 12 protection functions and two vehicle modes 。
MCU as the core, intelligent digital control, suitable for various loads of the mouse asynchronous motor starting; Can make the motor under any conditions can smooth starting, is female of protection drag system, reduce the starting current impact on power grid, to ensure reliable motor self-starting: smooth and stop, can eliminate the drag system of the inertial impact.

Product Technical Features

Main loop operating voltage:AC380V(+10%~- 25%);
Main loop operating current:22A~560A;
Main loop frequency:50Hz/60Hz(±2%);
Soft start rise time:2~60s;
Soft stop time:0~60s;
Current limiting factor:1.5~5.0Ie;
Start voltage:30%~70%Ue;
Cooling mode:The fan cooling;
Conmunication:RS485 serial communications;
Start-up time:≤20/hour

Technical Feature

Six starting parameters are optional to facilitate one motor soft starter to start different motor loads;
Dynamic fault memory function,easy to find the cause of fault;
Comprehensive motor protection functions
LED or LED display;
Profibus/Modbus Two communication protocols are available;
1compact structure design,easy to install,easy to use;
Menu is grouped by function,which is easy to operate;

Snap action mode

Output waveform of jump start mode. This starting mode can bese lected when the motor cannot be started under some heavy load due to the influence of static friction force. When starting, first apply high fixed voltage to the motor for a limited period of time to overcome the static friction force of the motor load to make the motor rotate, and then start in the way of limiting current(figure 1) or voltage slope(figure 2).


Start mode and protection level


Soft starter function introduction


External wiring diagram

Soft starter appearance and mounting dimensions

Current range......................11A-1260A(rated)

Power supply
mains input(R,S,T)

Terminals(1) and(2) are operation output: used to control operation indication(output). They are normally open passive contacts and close when starting successfully.
Contact capacity: AC250V/5A.

Terminals 3 and 4 are output 1 of the programmable relay:delay time is set by the programmable output 1 of A12, and action mode is set by the programmable relay 1ofA11. Is normally open passive contact, closed when the output is effective. Possible values:0: No action 1: power-on action 2: soft start action 3: bypass action 4: soft stop action 5: Running action 6: standby action 7: fault action 8: current arrival action Contact capacity is AC250V/5A.

Terminals ⑤ and ⑥ are output 2 of the programmable relay: the delay time is set by A14 programmable output 1 delay, and the action mode is set by A13 programmable relay 1. Is normally open passive contact, closed when the output is effective.
0: No action 1: power-on action2: soft start action 3: bypass action 4: soft stop action5: Running action 6: standby action 7: fault action 8: current arrival actionContact capacity is AC250V/0.3A.

Terminal ⑦ is a transient output: This terminal must be short-circuited with terminal 0 when the soft starter is working normally. When this terminal is open to terminal 0, the soft-start cabinet stops working unconditionally and is in fault protection state. This terminal can be controlled by the normally closed output point of the external protection device.
When FA is set to 0(primary protection), this terminal function is disabled.

Terminals 8,9, and 0 are input terminals for externally controlled start and stop buttons. The wiring method is shown in the figure.

Terminals(11) and (12) for 4~20mtA DC analog output: used for real-time monitoring of motor current, full 20mA indicating motor current for soft starter nominal rated current 0.5-5 times, can be set by the parameter A17.4-20mA upper limit current.
Can be connected to 4~20mA DC ammeter observation.

Terminals (13) and (14) are RS485 communication output and provide Chinese upper computer software for remote debugging and control. Do not disconnect the external terminal line; otherwise, the soft starting cabinet may be damaged.

operating temperature ............................-10℃-40℃
storage temperature...........................-10℃+40℃
humidity............................5% to95% relative humidity

Rate voltage Rated current Rated power Display Para meter Protect Terminal Overload
220V 11A-1260A 3kW-350kW Chinese
LCD display
62 12 14 Adjustable
380V 11A-1260A 5.5kW-630kW
660V 11A-1260A 5.5kW-1000kW
Specificationns Outline dimention( mm) lnstallation dimetion( mm) Outside view
W1 H1 D W2 H2 d
5.5KW-55KW 145 340 214 85 298 M6 Figure 1
75kW 172 355 222 140 300 M6
90KW-115KW 210 394 255 150 343 M8
132KW-160KW 330 496 265 260 440 M8
185KW-350KW 490 608 305 335 542 M8
400-630KW 680 840 418 350 780 M10

Basic wiring diagram of soft starter


SCKR1-6200 wiring diagram


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