SCKR1-6000 series On-line intelligent motor soft starter

Short Description:

SCKR1-6000 is the latest development of online soft starter. It is a new type of motor starting equipment developed and produced by power electronics technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory technology.

Product Detail

Start mode and protection level

Soft starter function introduction

External wiring diagram

Soft starter appearance and mounting dimensions

Basic wiring diagram of soft starter

SCKR1-6000 wiring diagram

Product description
SCKR1-6000 is the latest development of online soft starter. It is a new type of motor starting equipment developed and produced by power electronics technology, microprocessor technology and modern control theory technology. It can effectively limit the starting voltage of the motor when starting. It can be widely used in heavy-duty equipment such as fans, pumps, conveyors and compressors. It is an ideal replacement for step-down starting devices such as X-ray angle conversion, self-depressing step-down, and magnetic control step-down. There is no need to install a bypass contactor during use, which greatly reduces the user's cost of use.

Product Overview
SCKRI一6000 soft sta rter has 6 sta rting modes,12 protectionfunctions and two vehicle modes。MCU as the core,intelIiqent diaitaI control,suitable fo r va rious loads of the muse asynch ronous motor sta rtlnq:Can make the motor under any conditions can smooth startinq,is femaIe of protection d raq system,reduce the sta rtInq cu rrent impact on power q rid,t0 ensu re reliable motor self—startinq:smooth and stop,can eliminate the d raq system of the inertiaI impact:comPIete protection function,extend the service Ilfe of the system,reduce the cost of the system and improve the system of sex:compatible with aII the functions of sta rtlnq equipment,is a tradltionaI sta r trianqle,autoformer step—down ambuIate,maqnetic controI step—down startinq a most ideaI renewaI of cts,etc Th ree in th ree out,no need to add。

Product Technical Features
Main loop operating voltage: AC380V(+10%~-25%);
Main loop operating current:22A~560A;
Main loop frequency:50Hz/60Hz(±2%);
Soft start rise time:2~60s;
Soft stop time:0~60s;
Current limiting factor:1.5~5.0Ie;
Start voltage:30%~70%Ue;
Cooling mode:The fan cooling;
Conmunication:RS485 serial communications;
Start-up time:≤20/hour

Technical Feature
Six starting parameters are optional to facilitate one motor soft starter to start different motor loads;
Dynamic fault memory function, easy to find the cause of fault;
Comprehensive motor protection functions
LED or LED display;
Profibus/Modbus Two communication protocols are available;
1 compact structure design, easy to install, easy to use;
Menu tree is grouped by function, which is easy to operate;

Snap action mode
Output waveform of jump start mode.This starting mode can be selected when the motor cannot be started under some heavy load due to the influence of static friction force.When starting, first apply a high fixed voltage to the motor for a limited period of time to overcome the static friction force of the motor load to make the motor rotate, and then start in the way of limiting current (figure 1) or voltage slope (figure 2).




Real - time language display
SCKR1-6000 displays feedback in real language and you don't have to look up the code to see what's going on.With a real-time metering display and 10 event logs, tracking motor performance has never been easier.


Remote display installation
With an optional panel mounting kit, the panel is easily mounted outside the cabinet.Multiple monitors can also be mounted side by side to quickly diagnose problems.(after installation, the protection level is IP65)obtained.


Overdrive is more intelligent
SCKR1-6000 allows you to control motor start.You can choose the best soft start control method according to the application requirements.

Stop smoother
The CPU can also precisely control the soft stop, suitable for applications that requi re a smoother soft stop hammer effects

Easier installation
The space of the motor control center is limited, the compact design of SCKR1-6000 can save 70% of the space, no bypass contactor,and more than 30% of the primary and secondary line and labor costs.


Removable connectors and unique connectors
With plug-and-pull control wiring bar,it is easy to install Simply un Dlug each wi ring bar and rein se rt the wi ring bar after connecting The unique flexible cable routing method of SCKR1-6000 can be used to arrange the cable effectively.


Faster Adjust
It's not surprising that SCKR1-6000 was designed with the ease of use menu in mind.After installation, the quick Settings menu helps you configure the starter for common applications.


Cooling innovation
The high speed fan and in and out wind heat dissipation grille,360 deg rees omni-di rectional heat dissipation,when the soft start sta rt fan high-speed ope ration,the soft sta rt stop fan five minutes automatically stop operation.


Software innovation
The intelligent mainboa rd can be used in a wide r range of applications However,it can be used in remote a reas,and the device cannot be started due to low voltage or unstable voltage The intelligent mainboard can realize the normal starting require.


Conmunication innovation
RJ-45,DB9 and other plugins, built-in RS485 and RS232 interfaces, provide Chinese upper computer software for remote debugging and


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