SCKR1-7000 series Built-in bypass soft starter

Short Description:

The SCKR1-7000 is a newly developed built-in bypass soft starter and is a complete motor starting and management system.

Product Detail

Soft starter function introduction

External wiring diagram

Size and weight

More control
—SCKR1 -7000 soft starter adopts a new generation of soft start technology, and the adaptive acceleration control enables you to control the motor acceleration curve and deceleration curve to an unprecedented level.
—The soft starter reads the motor's performance during starting and stopping and adjusts its control to achieve the best results.Simply select the curve that best fits your load type, and the soft starter automatically ensures that the load is accelerated as smoothly as possible.

Easy to use
—SCKR1-7000 is easy to use during installation, debugging, and operation, as well as during troubleshooting. Quick setup allows the machine to run quickly and display tripping messages in real language that indicate exactly what went wrong.
—The control entry line can be selected from the top, bottom or left, which is very flexible. The unique cable access and fixing device make the installation faster and tidy.
—You will soon experience how easy it is to use SCKR1-7000.

Product feature
—SCKR1-7000 is a highly intelligent, very reliable and easy to use soft starter. SCKR1-7000 is a perfect solution with newly designed functions for quick setup or more personalized control. Its performance includes:
—A large LCD screen that displays feedback in multiple languages
—A remote-mounted operating board
—Intuitive programming
—Advanced start and stop control functions
—A series of motor protection functions
—Extensive performance monitoring and event logging

Model selection definition
7000 (4)
Adaptive acceleration control
7000 (5)
Adaptive acceleration offers three start and stop curves to suit your needs.
SCKR1-7000 simplifies installation and operation of motor starting system, thus reducing installation cost and reducing cost Short installation time.
7000 (5)
Real - time language display
SCKR1 -7000 displays feedback in real language and you don't have to look up the code to see what's going on. Tracking motor performance has never been easier, thanks to real-time metering displays and 99 event logs with time-stamped operational and performance details.
7000 (5)
Graphical display
In many cases, we do not use words, but use real-time motor performance diagrams and current diagrams to quickly and clearly illustrate the motor operation.
7000 (5)
Remote display installation
With an optional panel mounting kit, the panel is easily mounted outside the cabinet.
If multiple soft starters are installed in a single cabinet to facilitate centralized control in one place, all relevant information can be obtained.
Multiple monitors can also be mounted side by side to quickly diagnose problems.
(after installation, the protection level is Ip65)
7000 (5)
Measurement and monitoring
SCKR1-7000 displays A lot of information and can replace additional power meters (A, kW, kVA, pf).

Program multiple devices
When programming multiple devices, the data can be downloaded immediately by inserting the operating board into different starters.

Stop smoother
Soft stop can also be precisely controlled, suitable for applications where a smoother soft stop is required, which can greatly reduce or even eliminate water hammer effect
For large inertial loads, SCKR1-7000 incorporates the latest

For large inertial loads, SCKR1-7000 incorporates the latest braking algorithm from kc, allowing you to accurately control the motor stop time.resulting in increased productivity.

Overdrive is more intelligent
SCKR1-7000 allows you to control motor start.You can choose the best soft start control method according to the application requirements.
For applications requiring precise control of motor starting current, SCKR1-7000 provides a constant current or current ramp starting mode for your choice.

Advanced operation
SCKR1-7000 has many advanced functions, which can meet the unique application requirements.
>Pumping (eg. high head applications)
>Compressor (optimized load control)
>Band saw (easy alignment of blades)
>Irrigation system (built-in timer)

The true-proof function allows you to test the working condition of the soft starter, the external control circuit and related equipment without needing to turn the soft starter.
>Running simulation: simulate motor starting, running and stopping
>Protection simulation: simulate the activation
>Signal simulation: simulation output signal.
7000 (5)
Easy to install
If the motor control center space is limited, use the compact design of SCKR1-7000 can save space and eliminate unnecessary trouble.Built-in bypass contactors, built-in monitoring and indicators, and numerous control built-in input and output functions reduce the space and cost of external installation and simplify installation.

Bypass contactor
No need to install the external bypass contactor, the new built-in bypass contactor, compared with the ordinary ac contactor, performance improved by 3 times, heat dissipation 2.6 times, safety 25%, energy saving 20% service life up to 100,000 times.

7000 (5)

Removable connectors and unique connectors
With plug - and - pull control wiring bar, it is easy to install.
Simply unplug each wiring bar and reinsert the wiring bar after connecting.
Cables can be arranged using SCKR1-7000 flexible cable routing, which can be run from top, left or bottom.

Pass module
With a convenient communication interface module, SCKR1-7000 can conduct USB and network communication using Profibus, DeviceNet and Modbus RTU protocols.

7000 (5)

7000 (5)

Input/output card
These hardware extension cards are for users who need additional input and output or advanced functionality.
>Two input
>3 relay outputs
>1 analog input
>1 analog input

7000 (5)

RTD and ground fault
RTD provide the following additional inputs:
> 6 PT100RTD inputs
> 1 grounding fault input
> To use earth fault protection,
> You need to use a 1000:1

7000 (5)

Adjustable bus configiiration
SCKR1-7000-0360cto SCKR1-7000-1600c bus line can be adjusted as required. This flexibility allows you to optimize switch cabinet layout.

7000 (5)

Finger protector
Finger protector prevents accidental contact with live terminal to protect personal safety.Finger protector is suitable for SCKR1-7000-0145b to SCKR1-7000-0220btype.
IP20 protection can be provided if the cable diameter is 22mm or above.

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    Starting function 

    Adaptive acceleration

    Constant curent starting mode

    Curent ramp starting mode

    Kick start

    Stop function 

    Adaptive deceleration

    TVR sofl stop

    Braking way

    Taxi stop


    Remote installation options

    Satus LED indicator

    Legible screen

    Real language feedback

    Mullingual selection

    Shortcut buttion


    Motor thermal model

    Fully customizable protection

    Motor thermistor input

    The phase sequence

    Owe current

    Instantancous overcurent

    Auxillary tripping input

    Radiator overheating

    Start time timeout

    Power freguency

    Short circuit SCR

    The power supply circuit

    Electrical connection

    RS48S fault

    Motor overload

    Current imbalance

    Earth fault(optional)

    Other features 

    Starter communication timeout

    Network communication trip

    Automatic detection of estemel connection

    Programmable automatic start/stop

    24VDC auxiliary power supply

    PT100 (RTD)input

    Real time dock with backup battery

    Forced pass-through-even if the power component occurs

    Failure. also can choose continuous work.This Production shall not be interrupted when measures are taken

    Low speed forward and low speed reverse functions

    L/C extension card (optional)


    7000 (3)

    7000 (17)

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