SCKR1 series On-line intelligent motor starting control cabinet

Short Description:

On-line intelligent motor starting control cabinet is a high-performance product specially developed for the starting, stopping and protection of squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motors, with built-in circuit breaker (optional), complete functions, simple operation.

Product Detail

Motor soft start control cabinet appearance and installation size

Wiring diagram of SCKR1 motor start control cabinet

Technical specification

Product overview
On-line intelligent motor starting control cabinet is a high-performance product specially developed for the starting, stopping and protection of squirrel-cage three-phase asynchronous motors, with built-in circuit breaker (optional), complete functions, simple operation.

Technical feature
Start mode: current limiting start, voltage ramp start, jump + current limiting start, jump + voltage ramp start, current ramp start.
Parking: soft parking, free parking.
Protection functions: overcurrent protection, phase - off protection, overvoltage protection, load short circuit protection, etc.
With the function of dynamic fault recording, it can record the ten recent faults, which is convenient to find the cause of the faults.
Soft start and stop time is adjustable from 2 to 60 seconds.
Large screen LCD Chinese display, parameter setting, easy to query;
The current and voltage closed loop control and torque closed loop control are realized.
With programmable fault relay output, multifunctional programmable relay output, 0-20ma (or 4-20ma) analog current output.
Motor does not need to speed occasions, can partially replace the frequency converter, lower cost.

Perfect motor protection function
External fault input protection (instantaneous stop terminal)
Loss of pressure protection: after the soft starter power off and power,no matter what position the control terminal is in.
The soft starter will protect itself if it fails to start within the set time due to improper parameter setting of the soft starter.
When the temperature rises to 80℃±5℃, the protective action shall be performed with the action time Input lag time of phase loss protection: Output lag time of phase loss protection: The protection time when the starting current is continuously more than 5 times the rated working current of the motor.
Operation overload protection time: the motor rated working currentas the basis for the inverse time limit thermal protection.
When the power voltage is lowerthan 50% of the limit value, the protection action time is less than 0.5 seconds.
Overvoltage protection lag time: when the power voltage is higher than 130% of the limit value, the protection action time is less than 0.5 seconds Load short circuit protection lag time: the current of the soft starter nominal motor current rating more than 10 times.

Product feature
Feature 1: fully digital control system, multiple starting modes:
—Using microprocessor, fuzzy control and large current zero switching technology;
—It has strong load adaptation and emc capability
—6 starting modes and 2 stopping modes;
—Start 12 times per hour.Starting from the lotus can only be done 1-2 times.

Feature 2: high cost performance:
—1:1selection, high cost performance;
—No debugging, direct installation and use;
—Low failure rate, simple fault can be eliminated.
—The cabinet thyristor works online for a long time, no ac contactor is used, the —maintenance cost is reduced.

Feature 3: strong environmental adaptability:
—Requirements for transformer capacity is low.
—Wide voltage range, plus or minus 15% deviation
—Sealed cabinet structure

Feature 4: simple and convenient operation, low operating cost:
—Direct installation and use, two buttons, "start", "stop", simple operation;
—Panel Chinese display, can view voltage, current and other parameters;
—Small size, light weight, easy to transport and installation; The height of the cabinet is 1000mm-1600mm, and the weight is about 30kg-60kg.

Feature 5: multiple protection functions:
—Circuit breaker protection
—Motor protection during starting
—Motor protection during operation
—Soft start has 12 kinds of protection functions

Key function description

SCKR1 series On-line intelligent motor starting control cabinet (2)


Parameter setting code is as follows


Product appearance and description


Model selection definition

SCKR1 series On-line intelligent motor starting control cabinet (8)

Standard platform series
SCK100 series frequency converters: voltage grade 220V, power range 0.4~2.2kW
380 v voltage level, the range of 0.75 ~ 7.5 kW power
SCK200 series high-performance vector inverter: voltage grade 220V, power range 0.4~2.2kW
380 v voltage level, the range of 0.75 ~ 630 kw power

Special series
—Lifting inverter
—Special converter for grate
—Textile frequency changer
—Converter for injection molding
—Rotary cutting machine frequency
—Air compressor special frequency
—High frequency output
—Constant pressure water supply
—Printing industry
—Tension control special inverter
—Machine tool spindle
—Woodworking high speed milling machine

Typical industry application

Air compressor industry
—High performance vector frequency conversion
—Closed loop constant pressure control
—Multi-machine network control
—Energy saving up to 20%~50%
—Intelligent sleep and low pressure wake up
—Intelligent sleep and low pressure wake up, air compressor energy-saving integrated cabinet program is optional



Injection molding machine industry
—Integrated energy-saving control cabinet or plastic injection machine inverter program is optional.
—Asynchronous servo scheme and double closed loop synchronous servo scheme are optional.
—No high pressure throttling, overflow energy loss, energy saving rate up to 25%~70%.
—Soft start tracking operation, extend the service life of injection molding machine.
—Independent air duct design, rear parts, top fan can be easily removed, easy to maintain.

Printing and packaging industry
—High performance vector control/torque control to achieve constant linear speed, constant tension contro.
—Tension sensor, speed encoder, no speed encoder, can widely replace torque motor, dc motor and magnetic clutch.
—Dynamic torque current control, fast response.
—Coil diameter calculation special function, automatic calculation of the current coil diameter.
—Double station free switch function, suitable for coating machine, paper machine, printing machine.



Hoisting crane
—Professional design of lock logic timing function, to ensure comfort and safety of the brake at the moment of opening, no "overshoot" phenomenon on the upside, no "weightlessness" on the moment of descent.
—Acceleration and deceleration s-curve can be selected to guarantee the ride comfort.The acceleration and deceleration time and operation frequency can be adjusted to ensure the accurate flat floor of the building lift.
—Release brake setting can ensure the start of the motor. Different frequency of release brake can be set. Starting current and current detection time can ensure the size of lifting torque to prevent chute phenomenon.
—The inverter has perfect protection functions such as phase loss protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-heat protection, overload protection and brake lock output protection.

Machine tool industry
—Rich comprehensive functions, excellent servo characteristics,it can be used in different CNC systems, can achieve synchronous control;High-speed response; Low speed high torque cutting, high speed constant power cutting.
—The maximum speed of asynchronous servo can reach 8000r/min;Synchronous servo can be weakly magnetic 2~3 times.
—The scheme of permanent magnet synchronous direct drive motor used in high precision nc machine tool is supported.
—Spindle open loop control: a variety of vector control methods for various machine tools.



Typical industry application Wood processing
—Built-in rotary cutting machine, skin rolling machine, peeling machine process algorithm.
—Unique vector control algorithm, dynamic torque current control, fast response to load changes.
—Automatically adjust the feed speed of the rotary cutter according to the position of the rotary cutter.
—Online setting of rotary cutting process parameters, online modification of functional parameters to view.
—Wide application range of voltage, especially suitable for rural power grid conditions of the occasion, stable and reliable work.

Textile industry
—Reduce breakage rate and improve production efficiency.
—Special external radiator, easy to clean cotton wool.
—Unique swing frequency function, suitable for yarn winding equipment.
—Abundant indication signal: full sand indication, broken line indication, off power indication.



Stone processing
—Simple and convenient operation, installation line reduction.
—Smooth running curve, reduce plate damage rate, start smooth.
—Reduce mechanical damage and maintenance cost.
—Constant tension control of internal anti-break rope, main and auxiliary operation function of frequency.

Oil field
—Special frequency converter for pumping unit, no energy feedback or energy consumption braking.
—More advanced process algorithm, higher power saving effect, less harmonic and reactive current.
—Can provide outdoor digital control cabinet, thermostatic control cabinet can be in the field high.
—Rich and flexible monitoring functions.



Constant pressure
—Excellent PID function, according to the actual water consumption, automatic water pressure detection.
—Centralized constant pressure water supply: built-in one towed multiple water supply expansion card,
—Constant pressure is maintained in the system at any flow.
—PID has sleep and wake function, built-in bypass system.
—High efficiency and energy saving, stable pressure, high feedback too low, under - voltage protection.
—Avoid frequent start and stop, and start smooth, reduce the impact of the pump, increase the service life of the pump.

Working principle
PLC card is a multi-functional micro PLC specially developed for frequency converter. PLC can be integrated into frequency converter through expansion card.
The traditional special inverter needs to change the bottom layer to realize the special plane function, and the PLC card only needs to write different ladder diagram program, no need to change the bottom layer to realize the special plane function.


—Input / 4 out, can share inverter I/O (8 in / 4 out) and 2AI / 2AO
—compatible with MX1H instruction set
—basic instruction processing speed is 0.084us/ step
—integrated instruction processing speed is 1K steps /ms
—program capacity 12K steps, 2K bytes power off to maintain
—With PID command, constitute a closed loop system, inverter more reliable

—RS485 port, Modbus programming
—Modbus/ free port /MXLink network

Programming environment
—Support ladder diagram, statement table, sequence function diagram
—Chinese editing environment, user program software encryption
—Inverter built-in PLC card is equivalent to a inverter plus a powerful PLC, PLC card compatible with the inverter I/O and 2 analog input and 2 analog output, more simple and convenient, save a lot of cost.
—PLC card can read and write inverter parameters directly through the internal protocol, communication speed up to 1~2ms
—PLC card can use a special register to read and write customers need voltage, current, speed and other signals,

SCK100 series multi-function V/F inverter
Mini design, start the motor torque of 1Hz, output 100%, output current limit control,Bus voltage overvoltage control, to achieve a long time oftrouble-free and non-stop operation.
Technical indicators
Power range: single phase: 0.4kw ~ 2.2kw;Three phase: 0.75 kW to 3.7 kW
Output frequency: 0~400Hz
Control mode: V/F control
Starting torque: 100% rated torque can be output at 1Hz
Overload capacity: 150%1 minute :180%10 seconds;200% of 1 second
Protection functions: overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection, etc.

Product advantage
1.small size, compact structure
2.Modular design and stable performance
3.Through the built-in simple PLC function automatically run multi-speed,
4.Built-in PlD function forms a closed-loop control system, and PlD has the function of sleep awakening.
5.through the built-in simple PLC function automatically run multi-speed,or external control terminal to achieve 8-speed operationProduct advantage
6.Two acceleration and deceleration curves: linear acceleration.
7.perfect protection function, high efficiency heat dissipation design.
8.The channel of running command switched synchronously at will.
9.built-in address mapping function, internal mapping, external mappingfunction, can facilitate remote control and fast reading data, high response
10.With the function of frequency pendulum, timing meter.

Industry application
Widely used in textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, reflow welding and assembly lines, especially for various OEM applications.

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